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National Prostate Cancer and Disease Awareness Medical and Patient Events
National Prostate Cancer Awarness Basketball Tournaments and Health Fairs
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Crowd 7
Games 7
Event gen6
Event gen7
NTXPCC exhibit
MVP- Derrick Green 50 Hoops
Players SECTION.
Event gen3
Arkansas Big Dogs, Sr. Olympics
Event gen8
Crowd 1
Games 1
Winner 30 plus Games
$100 Winner and boy who pulled ticket
Crowd 2
Games 2
Arkansas Big Dogs visit
$100 Winner
Event gen2
Crowd 4
Games 4
Event gen11
Event gen9
NTXPCC greets 50 Hoops
Games 5
Crowd 3
Games 3
Games 6
Event gen4
Dr. Rufus Green speaks to audience
2010 MVP- Tony Burnell
Exhibit, NTXPCC, AAHM.
50Hoops workers
Event gen10
Crowd 5
Dr. Green answers questions
Phelps helpers
50 Hoops Basketball Tournament & Health Fair