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National Prostate Cancer and Disease Awareness Medical and Patient Events
National Prostate Cancer Awarness Basketball Tournaments and Health Fairs
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Prostate & Colon Cancer Breakfast
Breakfast 5
Dr. Yondell Moore, MD takes questions2
Ron Boggs, Cameraman
Ed and Pat Sanders than Dr. Moore and Mr. Upshaw2
Audience Asks about Colon & Prostate Cancer
Breakfast 10
Dr. Moore talks about Prosate Cancer
Wolfram & Bruni Blatner of the NTXPCC
Dr. Yondell Moore, MD takes questions 2
Q&A at Breakfast
Breakfast 6
Breakfast 18
Breakfast 14
Breakfast 15
Dr. Yondell Moore, MD takes questions
Tim Upshaw, MHD, leads workshop
Breakfast 9
Breakfast 19
Breakfast 17