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Player Information Sheet

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Q: If my church, community group or office can find three to five men, age 50 & over or men age 30-49, can we enter a Team?

A: Yes. 50 Hoops is as much for the fun of the game as it is for agility, speed or point scoring. 50 Hoops benefits prostate cancer research projects, and we want men and their families to join in the fun for a GREAT cause that affects us all.

We can provide a complete outreach packet for church and community including media copy, flyers and church announcements.

Q: For the main event, Iím not 50 yet. Iím only 49 but according to your literature I can still enter if I turn 50 this year. Is this true?

A. Yes. That is true for the main event. If you will be at LEAST age 50 in the current year, you qualify to enter the 50 and over tournament that is the MAIN EVENT. Remember, we may also have categories for Men 30 to 49 and Women 21 - 39 (depending on city)

Q: How much TIME is involved?

A: About 1-2 hours. It will take about an hour of your time to play on game day and another hour if you WIN!!!. With the prizes involved, we’re sure you’ll want to go ALL the Way.

Q: I just play basketball for FUN, but I think I can compete in four 8-minute quarters.  I usually play with younger men. Can men younger than 50 participate?

A: Yes. Men aged 30 – 49 can also participate. Click Here to register online or Contact Ed Sanders to make reservations (limited space). The toll free HOTLINE is 1-800-677-8429 or e-mail Ed.Sanders@50hoops.org.

Q: Is there only one winner or do you have different categories to compete in?

A: There will be hundreds of dollars in prizes and products from leading national corporations presented to the winners of each tournament. The 50+ main event winners receive a trophy and the MVP receives an NBA gift bag valued at over $1,000!

Q: I don’t have a TEAM, per say. I like to work out with the guys, but none of them qualify in the same age category as I do. Can I still enter 50 Hoops? (or just me and a friend?)

A: Yes. Participants can register as an ALTERNATE (meaning it’s just one or two guys, but they don’t have a team).

Q: How much does it cost to play?

A: Prices depend on city. Please Click Here to register online and a 50 Hoops representative will contact you or you may contact Ed Sanders on our HOTLINE at 1-800-677-8429 or e-mail Ed.Sanders@50hoops.org

Each team consists of 3 to 5 men but you may register as an individual.