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Waiver, Trademark and Management

Every player must read and agree to this waiver form prior to playing in the 50 Hoops Tournament.

By clicking the 'I AGREE' button below, I signify that I have read, understand

and abide by this information.

Risk of Injury

I understand that there are risks connected with my participation in

this tournament and it's related activities. I release and discharge 50 Hoops

event sponsors, event charities, event organizers and venues, workers, employees

and directors from all action, suites, and demands whatsoever in law or in

equity, including, but not limited to the risk of injury from playing in

the tournament, and the risk of loss of personal property by theft or otherwise.

The event organizers are not responsible for determining each player's

eligibility. 50 Hoops has requests that I consult my family physician prior

to registration and participation.

Promotions/Publicity Compensation

Further, I hereby grant full permission for event organizers to record,

photograph, any or all of my participation in this event for photos, motion

pictures, TV, radio, recordings, video tapes, and other media known or unknown

and to use them no matter by who taken. In any manner for publicity, promotions,

advertising, trade or commercial purposes, without any reimbursement of any

kind due to me, or the need to pay me any fee.

Trademark Information

50 Hoops is the registered trade mark of P&E Associates, Limited. The 50 Hoops basketball tournament is produced and managed by 50 Hoops Sports Marketing.