Fabulous 50 to Sexy at 60: Prostate & Colon Cancer Dinner Lecture

Ed Sanders Presents to Dr. Badr

Ron Boggs Cameraman

Pat Sanders Give History


Dinner Guests g5

Drs Rufus Green, Adnan Badr, Samir Gupta

Exhibit 2

Dinner G3

Intro of Speakers


Open Session, Moderator, Ester Davis

Sponsor Table- allGuests received Table gifts

Dinner G2

FAB 50 T-Shirt $15 for 1 _$20 for for 2+
Order by calling 1-800-677-8441.

Methodist Prostate Screening

Kim Smith of Potter's House Thanks FAB 50 Audience

Dr.Adnan Badr Speaks on Colon Cancer

Gifts to Moderator, guests

Intro Dr. Badr

Pat Sanders Speaks

Dr. Badr Speaks 2

FAB 50 Dinner Guests

Exhibits 1

Dr. Green speaks on Prostate Cancer

FAB 50 Advisory Team

Dinner G1

FAb 50 Ready for Guests

Presentation to Dr. Green

Intro Dr. Samir Gupta

Ed Sanders and John Brazil chat before arrival of guests

Pat Sanders give Call To Action


Dr. Gupta Speaks on Colon Cancer

Dinner g4

Guest Line up for Dinner

Guests, Chef Carlos

Dr. GreenSpeaks 2

Guests Greeting

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