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Partnering with the City of Lancaster, Parkland Hospital, Baylor Hospital, Methodist Hospital and the Veterans' Administration Hospital, 50 Hoops event in Lancaster, TX (just outside Dallas, Tx) was educational and fun for all!



Ed Sanders, Pat Sanders, Lancaster,Tx Mayor Joe Tillotson and Marg Tillotson

Rev. Clyde Hairston (Lancaster City Council member), Mayor Joe Tillotson, Pat Sanders, Ed Sanders, Tim Upshaw (Methodist Hospital)

Lancaster City Council members with Mayor

Ed Sanders and Senator Bob Deuell

N The Know - Dallas' Multicultural Social, Professional, and Community Connection

Tim Upshaw and team with Methodist Hospital provided FREE screening to men over 40

50 Hoops Heroes, Heroines and Superstar Spotlight

James Hunter (Survivor) and wife Pat Hunter, Rev. Buford Kemp (Survivor) and wife Linda Kemp

Ed Sanders (Survivor), Pat Sanders, Russell Windle (Survivor), Linda Kemp and Rev. Buford Kemp (Survivor)


The mission of this non-profit organization is commendable and needed in the lives of so many that are affected by prostate cancer.....Eddie Bernice Johnson, Congress of the United States

Special Thank You to Deborah Parish
Mabel Meshack White

American Cancer Society
South Dallas Outreach Resource Center

Serving your cancer information and community resource needs since 1997


Special Thank You to our Dallas Team: Opal Robertson - Lancaster City Council Clyde Hairston - Lancaster City Council Ron Sessions & Marcene Royster - Parkland Hospital Jackie Dixon - Veterans Hospital Marsha Green - Baylor Hospital Margo Toussaint - American Cancer Society Cynthia Rasberry - Campmania Kids Sports Camp Shiloa Missionary Baptist Church - Rev. Isaiah Joshua, Paster West Side Baptist Church - Rev. Kenneth W. Blake, Pastor Renetta White - Volunteer Events Consultant

Dr. Janet Collins, VA Hospital Dallas provided frank and open discussion on getting screened and viability of treatment options.


The 50 Hoops SLAM DUNK PRIZES are a big draw. Attendees buy "Slam Dunk Prize" tickets and drawings are held during quarter and half time of games. Prizes include laptop computer, exotic vacations, sports watches, dinners, cosmetics and cases of grocery products!