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Detroit, Michigan 2005


" I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about the event.  Thank you Patand team for introducing the Dinner Lecture Series to Detroit and keeping us all connected andfocused. 

Thank you Voncile and ACS for presenting this program to AARP for consideration and for the special gifts you brought to the planning effort.  It was my pleasure to work with you both. "

Peace and love to you all.

Bravo!!!!!!!! to all who participated in the planning of the Prostate Dinner Lecture.  I think that the event was a great success.  Thank you, Pat for the wonderful plaques and sharing your
vision with us. Thank you Jacqueline for jumping on board and giving the need resources to really give our event the class it needed.  Every touch was special and well done.  I hope you all are proud of
yourselves. There is nothing better than team work.  I think we should talk to reflect on what went well and things we would like to improve.

Voncile Brown-Miller
Area Executive Director
American Cancer Society

Participating in the Lecture Series was one of the most uplifting  things that I have done in quite a while.  It was encouraging to see so many  African-Americans concerned about something that has been so
detrimental and deadly to our community.  It was inspiring to hear the sincerity  in all of the speakers as they conveyed their messages.  It was a joy  to see the hunger in the audience with their heartfelt questions.  I am  proud to have been a part of it, but more proud that you selected our  family to feature in the series.

Just a note to share my impression of the Prostate Cancer Seminar.  It was very well organized, and Huel Perkins did a masterful job of presenting The panel members.  Each presenter had an interesting and informative message.
I was especially impressed with the way they acknowledged the prostate cancer survivors with a candlelighting ceremony.  It was well worth while. James Trent,
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc


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