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Dear Sponsor:

Today, millions of listeners recognize RADIO-ONE as the leading African American Radio station in the country.  The 50 Hoops® National Prostate Cancer Basketball tournaments and health fairs has been   the national urban prostate cancer event for nearly a decade.

Throughout the country, 50 Hoops® has engaged the media with stories of survival and uniqueness of basketball as an instrument to bring men to the table to talk about and get screened for prostate cancer.

It's casual, yet effective prostate cancer education format has attracted media news teams from local NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC and more.

Now with the clout and support of RADIO-ONE, 50 Hoops® and it's corporate partners will take prostate cancer education to African American men to the cutting-edge.

In addition to the media exposure in 10 cities --OF YOUR CHOICE-- Sponsors participation is further optimized by 50 Hoops'  partnerships with important medical and community leaders.

Sponsors' participation is maximized by exciting pre-event promotions, radio advertising, promotions retail visits and partnerships help to make 50 Hoops' RADIO-ONE franchises the leading urban prostate cancer event focus.

50 Hoops features a  "sponsored by" campaign that begins 4-6 weeks prior to the tournament, with promotions and ends with African American men (along with men of all races and professions) playing basketball for prostate cancer awareness.

The new 50 Hoops®/RADIO-ONE affiliate will also help generate capital for local partners for prostate cancer education and research.

The signature 50 Hoops® Sweat Suit, t-shirt, cap and towel, with sponsor -logo is a souvenir that will remind participants repeatedly about the event throughout the year.

Premier  sponsors enjoy  tie-ins and high visibility to a diverse audience for company or branding, and in the perfect mature family setting.

RADIO-ONE in each city promotes 50 Hoops® throughout the campaign period and broadcasts live from the event for three to six hours. Local television and radio media focus local celebrities cancer survivors and community leaders participating. Presenting sponsors enjoy high visibility and media attention.

The event message reached a national audience of over 50 million for a total value of well over $2 million. campaign include e-mail blasts and local online newsletters.

50 Hoops® partners with non-profit organizations that focus on cancer and prostate cancer.  These Community Partners can work to register teams, sell tickets and reap up to 70%- 100% of the local funding to help with their prostate education outreach and research. Partners include:  National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer, Us TOO, Prostate Cancer Coalition of North Carolina, Real Men Cook Foundation, American Cancer Society-Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Houston, and more.

50 Hoops®, though focused on African American men, has grown into a national, multi-cultural, community basketball tournament. In cities such as D.C., Miami and Houston, all races and professions of men play basketball.   Now, thanks to RADIO-ONE, our event is also being noticed in the general market, including millions of African Americans. 


  • “Sponsored by” TAGS on all 50 Hoops® paid advertising, promotions, souvenirs, programs and banners.


  • Reach up to 10 million African Americans per day during campaign.
  • Campaign supported by local small businesses, prostate and cancer awareness organizations in each city, adding to the viability of your sponsorships.


  • Prime Exhibit Space at sponsored 50 Hoops® Events.
  • Opportunity to Involve company employees in volunteer work with RADIO-One for local 50 Hoops® National Basketball Tournaments and Prostate Cancer Awareness outreach. (Where applicable)


  • Opportunity to reach thousands more with "50 Hoops® TAG-ON's" and in-store (1) promotional program that is coordinated with your advertising agencies, and part of this package.
  • Advertising Agency Coordination (1):  In 50 Hoops-Sponsored cities, “50 Hoops® TAG” will be developed for your company’s current advertising campaign on RADIO-ONE, promoting event and any in-store promotion and registration for 50 Hoops. (If applicable)


  • Fun and unique community health outreach with tremendous media outreach (including local magazines, daily newspapers, community and ethnic media; community partnerships, medical community networking and cutting edge health and sports outreach approach.


  • 50 Hoops® will work with you to develop brand sampling of this audience, coupon and survey opportunities- not part of this package (if applicable).

                   For Pharmaceutical Companies:

* Opportunity to distribute cancer, and men's health related educational materials for 4 weeks in urban communities (stores, churches, small businesses, restaurants) throughout the country, designate a medical partner to do so.

* Supporting local and regional cancer education, research and   alleviating racial disparities in health care of urban communities.
                                      Affiliate Event


Three- year (tentative) Tournament and Health Fair schedule
June 2007 through October 2010

2007:  Premier:
 Dallas, Texas July 21, 2007
Miami, FL, September 29, 2007                                                                                       Raleigh/Durham, October 20, 2007

Other cities, based upon sponsorship: (see Radio-One properties listed on www.radio-one.com). Open months for 2007 are August, September
(NOTE: we do not have tournaments November through February because of holidays and weather conditions)

2008 -50 Hoops National Prostate Cancer Basketball Tournaments & Health Fairs
Radio-One Affiliate Event

March 2008:

April 2008:

May 2008:
    Indianapolis, Minneapolis

June 2008:

July 2008:
     Louisville, Dallas

August 2008:
Cleveland, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati (2 cities together)
        Boston, Baltimore

September 2008:
     Raleigh, Charlotte

October 2008:
     Los Angeles, Miami

Opened by Sponsor request
St. Louis, Houston, Detroit, Philadelphia

2009-2010:  ALL MARKETS annually
50 Hoops presents prostate health and prostate cancer education in an entertaining and fun setting, while delivering workshop quality information to participants.

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